Friday, July 1, 2011


Yes, my video is finally complete! I'm sooooo excited, and it was strangely fun to edit and record... so I think once more TTMIK Practice videos come out, I'll continue with the whole "K-Drama" type theme I've sort of started. Can't wait :) On a totally different note...

I'm obsessed with Minzy from 2NE1, she's so cute and sexy, and a great dancer. Also, she isn't super skinny like most famous Koreans, she has a gorgeous, perfect, curvy body that I'm totally jealous of. Fortunately, I've been dieting and exercising, so maybe one day her body shall be mine!!! Heh. I also am thinking about getting her hair style, but I think it might be a littttllle bit too short... but I'm totally willing to try! Maybe I'll end up loving it, and keeping it the rest of my life. Who knows, I'm going to the hair salon soon to ask my stylist and get her opinion. If she doesn't like it, I'm just gonna let her have fun with my hair and do whatever the heck she wants. I want a new style ^^

That's all for today.... 민지 화이팅!!!

P.S. 내가 제일 잘나가! 내가 나라도 이 몸이 부럽잖아.

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