Friday, June 10, 2011

Talk To Me In Korean

TTMIK is my number one source to go to when learning Korean. The lessons are short, easy to follow, and quite entertaining. All of the teachers do a fantastic job with upkeep and interaction with their students, and I love their video homework! I've only posted one reply to a video homework, which saddens me. But I don't want to just repeat the phrases in front of a camera, because I most likely won't remember them! For me, creating a cute skit is the perfect way to learn phrases. So, tomorrow I'll be filming/editing my new TTMIK Practice Video!

What I'll do is combine all of the practices into ONE video, but different scenes with the same characters. Last time, all I did to switch characters was draw a mustache on my finger and hold it above my lip. This time, I'm going full out. I'm going to draw on a beard, mustache, and a unibrow. I'm going to do my makeup outrageous, wear pink clothes and have my hair in a ponytail that's just way too high. And then I'm going to be me; relaxed, chill, going with the flow.

I'm so excited to film this, especially because I have an outrageous amount of time on my hands since it's summer vacation!

That's all for now, I apologize for the short post... but I have to go help my mom with dinner. Maybe my next post will be in Korean? Probably not, but I might tell you a website I love to use to help me perfect my grammar.



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